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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Amy. I am a wife and mother to three beautiful young girls. I’m passionate about helping women like you, take charge of their health. I want to educate you about what truly makes your body run so that you can be empowered to make changes to bring balance back to your body.

My wish is for not only you to find your sustainable path to lifelong health, but for you to take this knowledge and help your loved ones live healthy lives too. Because once you have the knowledge, you have the power to influence the health of those around you.

How did I find myself helping women achieve their health goals?

Like so many others, I found myself drawn to the world of holistic healing after some extreme health issues in my own family set me on the search to go beyond the ‘band-aid’ approach to treating our symptoms, which often came with nasty side effects and unintended long term consequences. I wanted to get to the ROOT CAUSE of our illnesses. I wanted a REAL fix. Not a quick fix.

With the stress of having a child with significant chronic health issues, I also found my own health declining at a rapid rate. Terrible fatigue, endometriosis, a heavy, painful menstrual cycle, ovarian cysts, carpal tunnel, Raynaud’s syndrome, asthma, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, bursitis, tendonitis, anaemia of chronic inflammation, general stiffness and soreness in my joints, depression, daily anxiety, panic attacks…and these were just the symptoms that were diagnosed and given labels!

I had always had an innate feeling that all of my symptoms were related. I always knew that the body worked together, with everything connected like a web. I felt there was a root cause, something connecting all of my symptoms and I was sure if I could find that thing I could heal all of my symptoms at once.

I began to invest a lot of time and energy into educating myself about what it takes to be healthy. I made gradual, but significant changes to my family’s diet and lifestyle. My journey sent me to many practitioners, trying many things and spending many thousands along the way, sometimes with small gains, but mostly to no avail. So I began to dig deep into the scientific literature. I discovered the importance of magnesium, which led me to discover the work of Morley Robbins and the vital importance of balanced minerals!

Minerals are the keys to our Health

Minerals are at the absolute foundation of our bodies and our health. Minerals are the keys that make enzymes work. But even more importantly, when our bodies have sufficient minerals that are in balance, they have an incredible innate ability to heal if they are given the right conditions.

I began implementing changes to balance my minerals and I began to reclaim my health. Not only that, I saw significant and down right amazing positive effects on my chronically ill child, and symptoms such as asthma and allergies begin to disappear in my other children. And that is when I knew. I had to share this information to help educate and encourage other women to take their health back into their own hands to help them improve the health of their loved ones too.

Stress & How it affects our Minerals & Health

Everyone is living with stress, none of us are immune from this. Whether it be emotional, environmental, physical or metabolic, any type of stress causes mineral loss. Coupled with the fact that our food supply is lacking in essential minerals, and this sets the stage for metabolic chaos and dis-ease. Minerals that are not present or balanced in our bodies means that enzymes don’t work properly. When enzymes don’t work properly our bodies don’t function the way they should, and we get symptoms of dis-ease. This in turn affects the quality of our lives. It is so complex, yet so simple. But…

We can do something about it

We need to replenish our minerals by eating nutrient dense foods like our ancestors did, lowering our stress, and supplementing some of the key foundational nutrients that our diets are missing. In doing this we give our bodies the chance to strengthen and heal.

When we start to support our bodies by balancing our minerals, our physiology works properly and our bodies know precisely what to do to keep pathogens in balance and cellular energy production occurring. When this happens, metabolic balance can be restored and our bodies become more resilient to stress and begin to heal.

How can I help you?

Through assessing your mineral status, diet and lifestyle, I can help you connect the dots between your symptoms, stresses and imbalances. Then, using nutrient dense foods, whole food supplementation and lifestyle changes, we can begin to restore the balance, increase cellular energy and your overall vitality. You can feel better. Not by treating the symptoms, but by correcting the mineral dysregulation and getting to the ROOT CAUSE of your symptoms.

In studying Mineral Metabolism under my teacher, Mentor and mineral expert Morley Robbins, I have spent countless hours delving into the latest and most enduring research on minerals and how they help make our bodies function. Together with many years of experience in Education, Functional Nutrition and a Tiny Habits Coaching Certification, I bring an approach to holistic healing that begins at the very foundations of health, our minerals, and provides you with a clear path to begin healing from the ground up.

I am here to support you on the journey, and educate and empower you. I have seen with my own eyes the incredible improvements in health that can be made when our bodies are in balance. The human body was designed to maintain homeostasis- give it what it needs and watch the symptoms disappear…

Reach out and together we can find your balance.

I look forward to guiding you and your family toward better health and I’m excited to help you kick-start your health journey!

Amy xx

I’m so happy I found you and how far I’ve come. I have not felt this good in as long as I can remember. I KNOW my body is finally healing. And I have energy!


After being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in 2019 and completing intensive treatment of chemotherapy and radiation treatment I felt my system was completely stripped and was in desperate need of attention. A friend had spoken highly of the Root Cause Protocol and passed on ways to boost my system during treatment. I felt overwhelmed as to where to start so enlisted the guidance of Amy and commenced with testing and bloodwork to best highlight the areas needing my attention. I am impressed with Amy’s knowledge and capability in explaining the depletions in my system and what these in turn lead to. Although I’m at the start of my protocol journey my hope is that this information and guidance will assist me to replenish my system, reduce inflammation and ensure the most important minerals in my body are back to balance in the hope I will avoid recurrence or any other disease associated with chronic inflammation and stress. Thank you Amy for your knowledge, care and for helping me to learn about these integral workings so I can better help myself.


I have been on the Ferris wheel of healing for around 11yrs. I have seen so many different naturopaths, integrative gps, specialists and in a lot of cases spent more money than I chose to add up and never really found what I needed. I classed myself as broken and accepted I would live my life this way.
Until a quick chat with Amy. After the first 5 minutes she had me. I could tell she was so full of knowledge and most importantly heart!! She only teased me with an introduction to the Root Cause Protocol and left me on my own to make my decision. After dissecting the protocol I was hooked. For the first time this all made sense.
I booked a consult with Amy! She listened intently and for the first time looked at me and said ‘you are not broken; you just need time to heal’ for the first time I felt I could get better!
I was guided through the steps I needed to start; and still am. She is so easy to speak too and never do I feel judged. Everything she says she can back with science (and so much reading material )
Never have I felt on my own and not for one second have I questioned this decision!
I am so truly lucky to have Amy enter my life at the time she did!
I will forever be thankful she didn’t give up on me!


Amy makes the start of this journey stress-free.
She willingly shares all she has learnt & projects her passion to help with healing through valuable talks & emails.
I’m so happy I have started my health journey with Amy.


Amy has changed my life… so much for the better!