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I partly use the Thermomix for this recipe. If you want it to be a 30 min soup as suggested you will require a Thermomix or food processor. The chopping is done in the TM and the soup is cooked on the stove top. This soup is a great way to use up vegetables in the fridge, or add vegetables that your family would not normally eat! Feeds a family 5 with copious amounts of left overs for another quick meal!



2 brown onions

6 cloves garlic

300g good quality free range bacon (fat on)

1kg of vegetables (pumpkin, celery, zuchinni, mushrooms, silverbeet, carrot, or whatever you have in the fridge!)

50g oil/fat (olive, duck, palm oil)

5 tbsp homemade stock (veg, chicken)

300g organic tomato paste

1 litre of chicken stock*

1 litre of water**

OPTIONAL: 2x 400g canned white beans and/or 100g of organic brown rice pasta. You can add more pasta, but it will soak up the liquid and be more like a stew- equally as good!

TO SERVE: Handful of flat leaf parsley, grated parmesan, lemon zest.

*In the absence of homemade chicken stock, look for a store bought version that contains grassfed chicken bones, vegetables, herbs + spices, nothing more.

**You can use all water, but I find it’s not as tasty as when using stock.



Add onion,  garlic + bacon to TM bowl  and chop5 sec/ speed 5.

Add oil and cook 5 mins / 100c / speed 2.

Scrape cooked onion, garlic + bacon into stock pot.

Add vegetables to TM bowl in 500g lots and chop 5 sec / speed 4.

Place chopped vegetables into stock pot.

Add remaining ingredients to stock pot.

Boil, then cook on med- high heat for 30 mins uncovered.

Add organic brown rice pasta and/or white beans for last 10 mins of cooking.










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