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Skinless Lamb, Mint + Rosemary Chipolatas

Apr 5, 2021 | egg free, gluten free, grain free, lunchbox friendly, main meals, meat, nut free, refined sugar free

Skinless Lamb, Mint + Rosemary Chipolatas

It’s so darn hard to find sausages that are made with grass fed, organic meat, gluten free, without additives, and when you do they are mighty expensive!! In the end we often opt for making our own and these little chipolatas did not disappoint! 10/10 from 5 family members *fist pump (that doesn’t happen often).


500g grass fed lamb mince

A decent handful of fresh mint leaves

1 large sprig rosemary

2 cloves garlic

1tsp sea salt

1tbsp duckfat (or tallow)


Place mint, rosemary, garlic + salt in TM bowl. Mix 10 secs / speed 5. Scape + repeat if needed until very finely chopped.

Add mince + duckfat. Mix 10 secs / speed 4 or until well combined.

Form roughly 2 tbsp of mixture into sausages. You can use some baking paper for a smooth finish if desired.

Cook on BBQ or grill on medium heat until browned + cooked through.

Serving Suggestion:

Serve with a salad or mashed potatoes + vegetables.

I suggest double batching to save some over for another meal or lunchbox! Can be cooked + frozen to reheat at a later date.


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